"Web as a Medium" is the exhibit focuses on the characteristics of the Web as the primary medium in code-based art.

0xhaiku / Kitasenju Design / Jan Robert Leegte / exonemo / Damjanski / Joan Heemskerk / Violet Forest / Leander Herzog / Canek Zapata / Yehwan Song

5/10/2024 _ 5/19/2024

Experimental space to think of the new art experience with digital technology.

The development of the Internet has increased opportunities to encounter new expressions and works using digital technology, but when it comes to the viewing experience, these works is still often confined to the screen of a PC or smartphone. This gallery aims to be a place where artists and visitors can think together about how to enjoy artworks that make full use of digital technology.


maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo JR Bakurocho station C4 exitView map
Opening date
Wed - Sun, 14:00 - 19:00 Mon, Tue, Holiday closed


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