• times_in_times.jpg

    Times in Times

    Michibumi Ito

    This is a video work using 3DCG that concerns the dialogues and recollections of people in a virtual world who engage in the act of VR sleep. \n The work is sold together with a projector, which allows the purchaser to freely install the work along with the leaking light.

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  • conatus.jpg

    コナトゥスの目つきで / With the eyes of Conatus

    Michibumi Ito

    This work examines how it is possible to document the time created by the artist’s encounter with Okabe-san, a patient with an intractable disease, in the new medium of VR. Unlike the editing in which a single moment of time flows on a rectangular screen, which is often assumed to be a prerequisite for video, this work attempts to deconstruct contemporary vision and sense of time corrected by various devices by arranging images and texts as objects with variable shapes, positions, rotation, scale, and other aspects.

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  • artwork1.jpg

    Thales’ Engraving / タレスの刻印

    Masayuki Akamatsu

    "Thales’ Engraving" refers to a photograph or video of the starry sky that uses a special long-exposure method. Star trails appear in the dark night sky, sometimes with clouds or thunder, as well as airplanes or satellites. The camera is digitally controlled by a unique device and program, and it takes several tens of minutes to several hours to shoot. With this kind of function, you can get a variety of images that differ each time depending on location, time, weather, and so on.

    In addition, average smartphones and compact digital cameras were used for shooting, and post-production editing, such as color correction, was limited to a minimum.

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  • nft_art_1.jpg

    A heaven in a wild flower


    Generative art generated by the program based on traditional Chinese aesthetic impressions will be sold as NFT. 256 editions of artwork visuals will be generated the moment you purchase NFT and will be unique to you.

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  • Slices Level 6


    Alexis André

    Slices" is a work about time and space, with 7 + 1 basic patterns and infinite variations.

    Level: 0 as a species (or planet?) There are seven patterns, from Level: 0 as a seed (or planet?) to Level: 6, which gradually evolves into more complex shapes and blooms something like a flower, and Level: All, which is a combination of all of these patterns and is extremely horizontal, for a total of eight patterns.

    Since all of these are generated generatively by the program, the variations are infinite, but finite variations are made possible by the NFT smart contract that generates the hash values from which the visual decisions are made.

    Inspired by the exhibition space of NEORT++, this installation is intended to be viewed in a physical space and is generative art drawn from values generated on the blockchain.

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  • tinysketches.jpg

    Tiny Sketches NFT

    Shunsuke Takawo

    A total of 240 editions newly produced by Takawo for the "TinySketches" exhibition will be sold as NFT. Mintable works will be updated weekly.

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  • mainvisual_moment_1920_1080.jpg


    NEORT / 避雷 / Ayumu Nagamatsu

    MOMENT is a cherry blossom-themed work consisting of 1,000 flowers and a cherry blossom tree that combines them. The flowers will be sold as NFT and the minted flowers will bloom on the cherry tree.

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