2/10/2023 _ 2/26/2023


NEORT, NOLL, and Junni will exhibit their artwork "Reincarnation" at the art gallery NEORT++.

Reincarnation is an idea based on reincarnation, the belief that human beings have an immortal root, such as a soul or spirit, that grows through reincarnation.

In recent years, digital art has also made it possible to change and grow by inheriting information from previous generations through NFT, steadily approaching the mystery of life through a logical approach.

In this work, the concept of Reincarnation is formed from a unique perspective by continuing to generate life that changes by incorporating new personal information each time it is reproduced.

The work expresses the reincarnation of life from both the materialization and NFT axes by means of a 3D printer using renewable materials.

We hope you will take this opportunity to view this organic transformation of digital art at the exhibition venue.

Feb 11 is a national holiday though, we are specially open.


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    "Reincarnation" is an installation and digital art / NFT generated by a 3D printer that sculpts artificial life.

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    A startup that develops NEORT, an online platform for new art using digital technology. In April 2022, NEORT++, an exhibition space specializing in digital art, opened in Bakurocho. We aim to create new art experiences between online and offline.

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    We change the world with playful ideas that make people happy. We, Juni, are a digital production company with such a philosophy, using ideas and technology as our weapons.

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    NOLL is a creative unit that pursues art and technology at a higher level and creates possibilities for a new era. They create creativity from each aspect of art, brand, experience, and R&D, and constantly updates the "next" sense of values that transcends preconceived notions and common sense.


  • 2023.2.10 09:00 _ 2023.2.10 12:00

    "Reincarnation" Opening Reception
    We will pleased to hold an opening reception for "Reincarnation" exhibition. No reservation is necessary and everyone is welcome. maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo