Made in Contract

1/7/2023 _ 1/22/2023


"Exhibition of Contract Art"

NFT has drastically changed the digital art, giving value to illustrations, 3DCG, and other works that were previously considered difficult to evaluate as art.
However, many of these works are no different from pre-NFT digital art, except that their transaction history is stored on the blockchain.
What does NFT revolutionize about art?

This exhibition focuses on "smart contract" as an innovation of NFT, and presents three artists who view NFT as a new medium of art.

Smart contract is programs that run on the blockchain, and by utilizing them, artists can incorporate the results of user actions, such as transactions of artworks, into the artworks themselves.
It is a new medium based on blockchain technology that is different from the medium of fixed output such as images or videos, or from dynamic programs uploaded to a server.

Through this exhibition, we hope that you will see the possibilities of Contract Art, a new type of art created by smart contracts.

graphic design:WANG JIALAN

The exhibition review by hasaqui


  • memory_disc.jpg

    Memory Disc

    Memory Disc" is the first work of media artist NIINOMI's "A SYSTEM" project, in which computer systems are used as art, and is modeled after a CD as a storage medium that records various attributes.

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  • marquee_shelter.jpg

    marquee shelter

    marquee shelter is a project to bury obsolete web technologies in the blockchain. The animation of the work is created using only the marquee tag, which has been deprecated from the HTML standard for creating websites. It has a life span that cannot be controlled, as it can stop moving with browser version upgrades. It is a life-like device on the blockchain, which is expected to be eternal, and evokes thoughts about technology and life.

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  • receipt.jpg


    Receipt is a conceptual art using NFT. The visual is determined by the amount you pay. You can pay any amount; you can mint (create) one token per price. All the code to draw is stored on the blockchain. The transaction itself is your participation in the art. The reality of the value of NFT is the exchange of data on the blockchain, which is used by many people who trust it. 0xhaiku believes that the memory of the act itself is the new value of art.

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  • recycle_bin.jpg

    Recycle bin

    Recycle Bin is conceptual art using NFT with the theme of rebirth. By sending unwanted NFT to the Recycle Bin address, the NFT will be Burned (discarded) and you will get the Recycle Bin's (trash bin) generative art NFT instead. New art will be generated based on the sent NFT. The pain of confronting the past and a prayer for rebirth are expressed.

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  • advertise.jpg


    Advertise" is a project that uses a "signage system that allows you to advertise any URL you want without censorship". The wallet used to post the URL will be sent an NFT (Non-Financial Transaction Format) certificate of advertisement.

    In order to post a URL, you must have paid at least "the amount paid for the last post" (+ gas fee). This amount will be reset at 0:00 JST. If there are multiple submissions in a short period of time, the URL with the highest amount paid will be displayed. Other URLs may not be displayed.
    All proceeds will be returned to the gallery during the exhibition period.

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  • hodl.jpg


    HODL is a full on-chain NFT that grows with the duration of ownership, and its growth is reset when the money is transferred from the wallet.
    This work expresses the subjective value felt by the owner, as opposed to the objective value determined by the market, through the experience of owning an NFT with time.

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  • r21nomi_square_pixel.png


    Media Artist / CEO of NEORT, Inc. NIINOMI explores the possibilities of new art forms that use digital technology, especially programming. In recent years, he has found aesthetic value in the system itself, which continues to output mechanically through algorithms, and produces works under the theme of "System as an Art.

  • bouze.png


    Artist bouze was born in 1984 in Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he entered Yoshimoto Kogyo's comedian school, but after various things happened, he entered Tama Art University. After that, he worked for tha ltd. led by yugop, and now he is working on expression activities focusing on the blockchain while working at a company. Major awards include Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award and Tokyo TDC RGB Prize.

  • 0xhaiku.jpg


    Artist After working as a software developer, 0xhaiku began working anonymously to test the possibilities of art on Web3. His research theme is "a system of art in which everyone can participate," He also explores conceptual yet poetic expression.


  • 2023.1.7 09:00 _ 2023.1.7 12:00

    "Made in Contract" Opening Reception
    We will pleased to hold an opening reception for "Made in Contract" exhibition. No reservation is necessary and everyone is welcome. maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo