This work consists of yokai summoned by viewers at NEORT++, the venue for Takakura Kazuki's solo exhibition "AI Yokai Summoning Ritual".

Exhibition visitors operate a summoning machine placed at the center of the venue to create their own haiku (5-7-5) by selecting words from a pool of 108 x 108 x 108 words.

The haiku selected by the viewers are then transformed into 50-word English poems by ChatGPT. These poems become the "incantation" to summon a yokai.
An image-generating AI, developed by Kandagawa Sōyō and Takakura, which mimics Takakura's artistic style, reads the English poem and summons a new yokai.
The summoned yokai exist online as digital data bearing the name of the haiku and can be preserved as NFTs on the blockchain by anyone.

Please enjoy viewing the countless new yokai summoned as "non-existing beings" through the collaborative imagination of the author, viewer, and AI, arranged in parallel.