CONATUS / 私であることの試み

10/22/2022 _ 11/13/2022


  • コナトゥスの目つきで / With the eyes of Conatus

    This work examines how it is possible to document the time created by the artist’s encounter with Okabe-san, a patient with an intractable disease, in the new medium of VR. Unlike the editing in which a single moment of time flows on a rectangular screen, which is often assumed to be a prerequisite for video, this work attempts to deconstruct contemporary vision and sense of time corrected by various devices by arranging images and texts as objects with variable shapes, positions, rotation, scale, and other aspects.

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  • Times in Times

    This is a video work using 3DCG that concerns the dialogues and recollections of people in a virtual world who engage in the act of VR sleep. \n The work is sold together with a projector, which allows the purchaser to freely install the work along with the leaking light.

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  • Michibumi Ito

    Through images and installations using VR, Ito presents situations where physical laws--such as scale, distance, time, perception--language systems, and ways of perceiving the world could have been originally different. Based on the research on religion and pathology, he compares the virtual images created by the VR media with the ‘body’ and ‘I’ or ‘we’ that could have existed differently in the media environment surrounded by today’s internet, devices, and thoughts on the ethics of life. At Retopology Engine Lecture (2021, TIME MACHINE), he presented a VR in which the body transforms on a hammock-like housing into earthworms, fish, or organisms without forms, showing the body before and after human. At XipeTotec Reality (2021, PARCO Shibuya), he studied the ancient Aztec festival of wearing peeled off human skin to imitate the god of corn (Aztec Flaying ceremony) to satirize the current virtual worlds where people still wear ‘skins’ as their avatars.