みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの / AI Yokai Summoning Ritual

5/13/2023 _ 6/4/2023


  • みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの / AI Yokai Summoning Ritual

    This work is a collection of yokai summoned by viewers at NEORT++, the venue for Kazuki Takakura's solo exhibition, "AI Yokai Summoning Ritual".

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  • たかくらかずき

    Born in 1987 in Yamanashi Prefecture, he received his MFA from Tokyo Zokei University in 2012, and uses technologies such as 3DCG, pixel animation, 3D printing, VR, AI, and NFT to create works on the theme of rewriting the rules of contemporary art through Eastern thought and pursuing new values in digital data. He is currently working mainly on the concept of Japanese Buddhism. Currently, he creates works mainly based on the concept of Japanese Buddhism. He is a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art, and is currently developing the NFT series "BUSDDHA VERSE" at opensea.


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    2023.5.13 09:00 _ 2023.5.13 12:00

    "みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの"オープニングレセプション

    We will pleased to hold an opening reception for "AI Yokai Summoning Ritual" exhibition. No reservation is necessary and everyone is welcome. maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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    2023.5.14 09:00 _ 2023.5.14 10:00

    "みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの" ギャラリートーク たかくらかずき × 神田川雙陽 × NIINOMI

    A talk event on "AI Yokai Summoning Ritual" will be held by Takakura Kazuki, Kandagawa Shuyo, and NIINOMI.
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    2023.6.3 09:00 _ 2023.6.3 10:00

    "みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの" ギャラリートーク 2 たかくらかずき × 武田俊

    Haiku writing talk event by Kazuki Takakura and Shun Takeda on "AI Yokai Summoning Ritual".