2/10/2023 _ 2/26/2023


  • Reincarnation

    "Reincarnation" is an installation and digital art / NFT generated by a 3D printer that sculpts artificial life.

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    A startup that develops NEORT, an online platform for new art using the computer technology.
    In April 2022, NEORT++, an exhibition space specializing in digital art, opened in Bakurocho. We aim to create new art experiences between online and offline.

  • Junni

    We change the world with playful ideas that make people happy. We, Juni, are a digital production company with such a philosophy, using ideas and technology as our weapons.

  • NOLL

    NOLL is a creative unit that pursues art and technology at a higher level and creates possibilities for a new era. They create creativity from each aspect of art, brand, experience, and R&D, and constantly updates the "next" sense of values that transcends preconceived notions and common sense.


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    2023.2.10 09:00 _ 2023.2.10 12:00

    "Reincarnation" Opening Reception

    We will pleased to hold an opening reception for "Reincarnation" exhibition. No reservation is necessary and everyone is welcome. maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo