4/2/2022 _ 5/1/2022



    MOMENT is a cherry blossom-themed work consisting of 1,000 flowers and a cherry blossom tree that combines them. The flowers will be sold as NFT and the minted flowers will bloom on the cherry tree.

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    A startup that develops NEORT, an online platform for new art using the computer technology.
    In April 2022, NEORT++, an exhibition space specializing in digital art, opened in Bakurocho. We aim to create new art experiences between online and offline.

  • Ayumu Nagamatsu

    After studying art history in undergraduate school, experienced as a PM of system development in an internet service company. In parallel, started to create apps and generative art. 2018, he completed a Master’s degree in Media Creation at IAMAS. Freelance programmer and artist.

  • 避雷

    Technical artist, kind of... Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering.