ME; me

7/8/2023 _ 7/23/2023


  • Jeunne Lee

    Jeunne Lee expands her artistic horizons for the end purpose of creating what may be called “communicative art.” She has been actively involved in multiple artworks and research as well as group exhibitions and events across Japan, Korea, and China based on various work experiences in the art world and the market for the past 10 years. She tries to create and robustly maintain a sustainable borderless global art network, as well as continuing her research into large-scale installation’s pace in the art world and possibilities of its coexistence with the latter.


  • ended
    2023.7.9 07:00 _ 2023.7.9 12:00

    "ME; me" Opening Reception

    We will pleased to hold an opening reception for "ME; me" exhibition. No reservation is necessary and everyone is welcome. maruka 3F, Nihonbashi Bakurocho 2-2-14, Chuo-ku, Tokyo