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10/14/2023 _ 10/29/2023


  • Kosaku Namikawa

    Born in 2000, Namikawa loves the web and networks, as well as installation and construction, and video, audio, and lighting technology, and creates artworks utilizing media-related technologies. He is interested in networks, the boundaries of media, and the act of exhibition through his own productions and multifaceted involvement in the production of other artists' works. He is an unexplored junior super creator, adopted by the Hetero-Vation subversive challenge category, and a second-class electrician.

  • arata matsumoto

    Born in 2000 and hailing from Hyogo Prefecture, He works as a freelance front-end developer while also crafting media art pieces. Engaged in the delicate act of deconstructing the concept of infinity—a foundational fear of theirs—through perspectives on time and life/death, they strategize to alleviate this fear through their recontextualization.

  • moku

    Born in 2002. moku uses experiences that occur in her daily life to create her works.