NEORT / Ayumu Nagamatsu / 避雷・2022

The evolution of digital technology has enabled people around the world to access the same content at the same time and to share the same experience in different time zones. In today's digitized world, where temporal and spatial constraints are fading, what meaning does the experience of the present moment have? This work is both Digital Art that can be viewed online and an installation that will be exhibited at NEORT++, a real gallery of Digital Art that opened this spring in Tokyo. This work considers the relationship between NFT and artworks, and the experience of viewing artworks on the screen and in real space.

An artwork consisting of 1000 NFT flowers and the tree that makes them bloom

tree.png MOMENT is a cherry blossom-themed work consisting of 1,000 flowers and a cherry blossom tree that combines them. The flowers will be sold as NFT and the minted flowers will bloom on the cherry tree.

Blooming only in spring

This cherry blossom tree only bloom during the spring when the exhibition is held. When the season passes, the blossoms will fall and bloom again in the spring of next year or the year after. Because it is digital data that is unaffected by temporal and spatial constraints, we have created an experience that can be experienced only at this very moment. They are beautiful precisely because they are falling. This work is inspired by the transience and beauty of cherry blossoms. Each NFT flower can be viewed all year round.

First memorable exhibition work at NEORT++

NEORT++ will officially open on April 1, 2022 as an experimental exhibition space for digital art. MOMENT is a work created for this opening. It will remain with the gallery for years and decades to come.

The possibility of exhibiting digital art in an environmentally friendly manner

In this exhibition, we have partnered with SINRA, a service that promotes the regeneration of natural resources together with consumers, to introduce on a trial basis an initiative to offset (offset) the CO2 generated by the entire gallery operation.
In addition, by using Moment's NFTs as proof of carbon offsetting, the purchase of NFTs by participants will also serve as proof of their ethical activities. J-credits generated by Owase City in Mie Prefecture through SINRA will be used to offset CO2 emissions.
As we continue to operate our digital art gallery, we have more and more opportunities to think about environmental considerations. We will continue to think about what kind of initiatives we can take as NEORT++ and, as a first step, we would like to introduce the SINRA system and take concrete action, albeit on an experimental basis.
SINRA web site:


MOMENT is an NFT collectible in form of a flower of cherry blossom. Each flower is generated by formulas and programs with unique parameters to reach 1000 editions. Attributes 'Shape', 'CrossSection', 'Color' and 'Distort' will be injected into metadata. All parameters can be seen in background, which make the flower of NFT unique. No rarity is designed, all of them are in flat distribution.
1000 / 1000

Cherry Blossom Tree

NFT flowering installation trees. The flowers bloom only during spring.
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    A startup that develops NEORT, an online platform for new art using the computer technology.
    In April 2022, NEORT++, an exhibition space specializing in digital art, opened in Bakurocho. We aim to create new art experiences between online and offline.

  • Ayumu Nagamatsu

    After studying art history in undergraduate school, experienced as a PM of system development in an internet service company. In parallel, started to create apps and generative art. 2018, he completed a Master’s degree in Media Creation at IAMAS. Freelance programmer and artist.

  • 避雷

    Technical artist, kind of... Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering.